TalentNomics, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt private operating foundation, which means that it implements programs rather than grant funds to other organizations for implementation. All contributions to TalentNomics are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law (Tax ID no. 47-3148355).

We are dedicated to growing the pool of global women leaders in organizations around the world. Our mission is to reimagine leadership for modern workplaces and the global, interconnected economies by developing and leveraging women leaders’ talents to their fullest potential.

We also seek to eliminate the gap in leadership and pay worldwide. We believe that having more women in leadership positions has a very positive effect of enhancing female participation in the workforce.

Additionally, we intent to affiliate organizations in other countries, who will collaborate with the foundation to provide the core services worldwide and will be licensed to operate under the “TalentNomics” name. To date, we have set up an affiliate organization in India–TalentNomics, India.

Leadership Team

TalentNomics was founded by Neeti Banerjee and Sumangala Prabhu. Both Neeti and Sumangala are Americans of Indian origin and bring to TalentNomics their extensive experience from successful careers at leading global organizations. Neeti has deep expertise in Leadership Development and Talent Management. She has held senior leadership positions at the International Monetary Fund and previously worked in multiple leading global organizations in the technology, international development and the energy sector. Sumangala Prabhu is a partner at one of the world’s leading consulting firms. She specializes in healthcare consulting.

TalentNomics India is led by Ipsita Kathuria, an HR and Talent Management professional, who started her career in public sector in India and rose to leadership positions in public and private sectors in India before moving to the International Monetary Fund in the US. She has extensive experience in performance management, talent management, succession management, leadership development, change management and diversity and inclusion.


TalentNomics Board

The Board of Directors of TalentNomics, Inc. is representative of organizations from the private and public sectors worldwide. Board members serve as ambassadors, champions and spokespersons for the foundation, and have been requested to serve on one or more boards of affiliated foreign nonprofit organizations. The Board maintains fiduciary responsibility for the foundation and provides governance, oversight and strategic guidance to the foundation, particularly with respect to strategy, operational excellence, fund-raising and advocacy of the foundation’s mission.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the foundation will be advised and supported by Advisory and Leadership Councils as well as VIBRANT, our millennial advisory board.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides technical expertise and advice to senior management of the foundation and also serves as a multi-disciplinary sounding board. The Council is comprised of 8 individuals who are current employees and retirees from both the for- and non-profit sectors.

TalentNomics, Inc Millennial Advisory and Leadership Councils are currently being formed.

TalentNomics, India:


VIBRANT, our millennial advisory board, aims to connect the expertise of the Board with the perspective and concerns of the next generation of global leaders.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council will be comprised of globally recognized thought and business leaders — individuals with outstanding reputations in their respective domains — who are passionate about the economic empowerment of women and accelerating the development of women leaders. They also will serve as ambassadors and champions for TalentNomics and its overseas affiliates and will provide fund-raising support.