Leadership 20/20 – Are You Ready to be a Game-Changer?


October 13-14, 2016

Eventbrite - Leadership in a Changing World

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The world in which we work, compete and collaborate is radically different today than when we entered the workplace. The leadership challenges we face as we enter the next decade are incredibly complex and require a brand new set of mental models and capabilities. Our workforce and our customers have requirements and expectations that we need to better understand and address.

Every day, we discover new opportunities and threats that have a serious impact on our organizations, our roles and to our success. Other opportunities and threats remain invisible to us. Innovations that disrupt established ways of doing business are emerging daily in every industry and in every country. Social media, digital tools and other innovative technologies are empowering our employees and customers globally with a voice that influences many others very rapidly and creates ripple effects across the world. In this context:

  • What are the frameworks and models that can help us identify these myriad forces and trends, connect them and apply them to our context? Can Complexity Science provide us with a useful lens to make sense of the patterns that are emerging in the world of work? How can we be more resilient as leaders and strengthen our cross cultural understanding to navigate these changes? What can prepare us to be global game changers?
  • How do we unleash the promise and potential in all of us – women, girls, boys and men while fully engaging all stakeholders in delivering outcomes?

Topics for discussion


The Santa Fe Crucible is an annual TalentNomics event that brings together, from around the world, leading thinkers from diverse disciplines; innovators from a wide range of fields from the arts to culture; and business and non-profit leaders, both established and those aspiring to senior leadership positions, from a variety of industries. The Crucible is a forum for discussions, debates, shared learnings and creating actionable insights for leaders and resilient personal networks.

The Santa Fe Crucible presents a unique opportunity to open the windows of our mind to new frameworks, perspectives and insights that will enable us to change our game and be more effective as leaders for the new world.

Eventbrite - Leadership in a Changing World


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