TalentNomics and ICRIER | New Delhi | March 14, 2016

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The TalentNomics Model for Change

At TalentNomics, we have very different ideas about how communities should empower women at key stages of their personal and professional development.  Key supporters and ecosystems need to be cultivated to create opportunities that successfully solve for gender imbalance in leadership and pay.

We believe that solutions need to be holistic and synergistic. We need to be interconnected. We need to develop mutually supportive networks of male and female leaders, and organizations across the world. We need solutions to be experiential, focused on applicable, pragmatic actions that can be applied globally and suited to regional cultural requirements. Moreover, we need to be collaborative with successful women and men role models who inspire and impart their wisdom to develop the next generation of women leaders. We need organizations to build inclusive and supportive work environments and reimagine talent management for the new generation of leaders.

The TalentNomics model for change is about these transformations – converging bold ideas, deep insights, innovative actions to effectively leverage global connections, knowledge and technology to advance leadership of women, globally.

Creating Opportunity

Ample research and evidence is available to support gender equality in leadership and pay.  For example, research shows that that if female employment rates were to match male rates in the United States, overall GDP would rise by 5%. In Japan, such initiatives could increase GDP by 9%, while for India the magnitude is as high as 27%. Yet the percentage of women in C suites, senior leadership positions has remained mainly unchanged for more than a decade and the gender pay gap persists. The Indian corporate sector is struggling to get that one token woman in the Board of all listed companies. The implication is clear. We need to create opportunities for greater female participation at all levels in the workforce to realize the corresponding benefits of higher per capita incomes, and greater inclusion

This philosophy runs through our conference. In March, TalentNomics will bring together business leaders, both men and women, and policy makers, academicians, researchers from India and other countries, working to support women’s leadership advancement. The conference will present leaders in different fields bringing forward innovative solutions to break the systemic and cultural barriers preventing women from rising to leadership positions in most fields.  TalentNomics aims to inspire its audience and start a conversation to nourish problem-solvers to think pragmatically and innovatively and create an eco system for change.

Creating Purposeful Connections

The conference will offer a platform to develop rich relationships with peers across industries and regions. It will bring together leaders and opinion makers from public, private, government, not for profit sectors and provide an open and provocative environment to discuss bold ideas that can accelerate change.

Women who have reached the pinnacle of their success will share their challenges, inspirations and insights. Men and women leaders who have inspired and mentored women to reach their aspirations will share the motivations and challenges of their journey. Young potential leaders of tomorrow will share their aspirations and concerns with the current models of leadership.

Enhancing Clarity

The conference will address three questions:

  1. What roles can governments play to drive change?
  2. What innovative strategies can business leaders, leading academics, think tank heads, media and journalists adopt to change the status quo of gender balance at leadership levels in the next foreseeable future?
  3. What should women do differently to create a compulsive story for change?

Speakers will provide a multidimensional perspective about the incentives, infrastructure and cultures that facilitate and hinder change in this area and suggest concrete actions to spur the momentum of change.

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